The institution makes available to students and the public current academic calendars, grading policies, cost of attendance, and refund policies.





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Academic Calendars


North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University publishes its academic calendar on the university’s website. The academic calendar includes important dates for all students, both undergraduate and graduate, such as when classes begin, course add/drop dates, university holidays, and more. The calendars for the current academic year are downloadable as PDF documents. This information is updated by the Registrar’s Office each year and as needed with approved revisions. The calendars are available to all students and the general public. New students are made aware of these publications during new students orientation each semester. The academic calendar of events is the same for both distance and on-campus programs.


Grading Policies


The university’s grading policies and procedures are published on its website in several locations, for easy access. Official university grading policies and procedures can be found online for both undergraduate and graduate students (including doctoral). These policies include information on the grading system/scale, quality points, change of grades, grade appeals, incomplete grades, make-up of required course work, and posting of grades. In addition, information about grade point average and incomplete grades can be found on the Registrar’s Office website.


The Undergraduate Bulletin and Graduate Catalog also contain information concerning grading policies. Information related to grading, such as academic warning, probation, suspension, dismissal, and dismissal appeals are also included in these publications.


Students in distance and online programs are subject to the same grading policies as on-campus students, as indicated in the university’s Distance Education Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) web area.  A&T Online provides a wide array of information and student resources to those students who learn online.


Grading policy website links, as well as grading scale, are also required to be included in all course syllabi, per the Office of the Provost.


Grading policies are also included in the university’s Student Handbook  which can be found online and in print in residence halls.


Cost of Attendance


The cost to attend the university (on-campus and online) is posted on the Office of Student Financial Aid web site of the university website. Information on cost of attendance specifically for undergraduates can be found on the Admissions Office website. For Graduate students, this information can be found on the Graduate College website.


Refund Policies


Information on refunds for student tuition and fees can be found on the university website in several locations. The Treasurer’s Office web area offers a section on “Student Refunds” and also includes the information in the Frequently Asked Questions area. The Undergraduate Bulletin web area includes the "Return of Title IV Funds Withdrawal from School Refund Policy," on p. 28, which details the implications of official and unofficial withdrawals from the university along with examples and discusses how unearned amounts of aid must be returned to the applicable Title IV aid programs.


Students in distance education programs are subject to the same refund policies as on-campus students, as specified in the University’s Distance Education Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) web area.


It should be noted that the university’s Policy on Policies outlines the processes for engaging the university community, including students, in the development and review of policies and requires that each new or revised policies be shared with the university community.


Supporting Documents


1.     Academic Calendars

2.      New Students Orientation

3.      Grading Policies

a.     Undergraduate

b.     Graduate

4.      Registrar’s Office (Information on posting of grades, grade point, average, etc.)

5.      Undergraduate Bulletin

6.     Graduate Catalog

7.      Distance Education Frequently Asked Questions

8.      Student Resources

9.      Course Syllabi Template

10.    Office of the Provost

11.     Student Handbook

12.     Office of Student Financial Aid—Consumer Information

13.    Admissions Office

14.     Graduate College

15.     Treasurer’s Office

16.    Return of Title IV Funds Withdrawal from School Refund Policy

17.    Policy on Policies

18.    Grade Point Averages

19.    Incomplete Grades