The institution ensures the availability of archived catalogs, digital or print, with relevant information for course and degree requirements sufficient to serve former and returning students.




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North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University makes available Undergraduate Bulletins and Graduate Catalogs online for current and past academic years (2014—present); these publications can be printed, if needed.  Older bulletins are available in print; the Registrar’s Office has historical Undergraduate Bulletins, while the Graduate College has historical Graduate Catalogs, and the university’s Bluford Library has a complete holding of both printed publications.  Also, links are provided to these online publications on the University’s Current Student site and Parents site.


These publications, both online and print, are complete and contain information for courses and degree requirements to meet the needs of former and returning students. Prospective, current and former students can easily access these university publications.


Online/distance education programs are noted in the appropriate department listings found in the  Undergraduate Bulletin, e.g., the listing of online and on campus programs in Business Education. 


The Office of the Provost has the responsibility of updating the Undergraduate Bulletin and the Graduate College is responsible for updating the Graduate Catalog.  The updated copies are posted online by the middle of August each year, in time for the beginning of the fall semester.

Supporting Documents:


1.       Undergraduate Bulletins

2.      Graduate Catalogs

3.       Current Student Website

4.      Parents Site—Information for Parents and Families