The governing board ensures the regular review of the institutionís mission.




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The Board of Trustees of N.C. A&T periodically reviews and formally approves the institutionís mission statement. The university, through a strategic planning process that included stakeholders from across the campus and within the local and regional communities, updated its mission in Spring 2018.  The current mission statement, on page 9 of the universityís Strategic Plan was approved by the universityís Board of Trustees on February 16, 2018 and by the UNC Board of Governors on March 23, 2018, as shown in the respective meeting minutes.


The mission statement is reviewed and updated approximately every five  years, and is timed to coincide with the updating of the universityís strategic plan.  All stakeholders, including current students, faculty and staff; university alumni; and local and regional community representatives participate in the review process. Once the draft is ready it is posted for additional comments. The Chancellorís Cabinet provides the first level of approval, followed by the Board of Trustees, and then by the UNC Board of Governors.



1.      Mission Statement

2.      Universityís Strategic Plan

3.       Governing Boards Minutes documenting approval of the current mission statement

a.       Board of Trustees Approval

b.       Board of Governors Approval