The governing board ensures a clear and appropriate distinction between the policy-making function of the board and the responsibility of the administration and faculty to administer and implement policy.




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The university ensures effective governance by clearly defining the roles and responsibilities of the governing board, administration, and faculty and ensures that each of these groups adheres to their appropriate roles and responsibilities.  Bylaws define the general roles and responsibilities of the Board of Trustee, which has the policy-making responsibilities for the university.  The Duties, Responsibilities, and Expectations of Members of the Board of Trustees also clearly delineate the responsibilities and expectations of the Board members. The university’s Faculty Handbook and Human Resources Employee Handbook outline faculty and staff roles and responsibilities. The university’s Policies website provides access to all policies that impact students, faculty, staff and other university stakeholders, e.g., minors who visit our campus.  The site includes a link to draft policies, thereby affording stakeholders the opportunity to provide input to the development of university policies.


One example of the Board establishing policy that must then be implemented by the administration and faculty is the approval of the Reappointment, Promotion and Tenure Policy, which is debated on the campus before it makes its way to the Board of Trustees for approval.  But, once the Board approves the policy or revisions to the policy, the debate ends and the faculty and administration apply the policy in decision-making.


Minutes of Board of Trustees meetings (November 2018, November 2019) as well as Faculty Senate meetings (April 24, 2018; August 27, 2019) help to provide distinction between the roles and responsibilities of the governing Board and the faculty and administrators.  No minutes are kept for Administrators’ meeting e.g., meetings of the Chancellor’s Cabinet, however the agenda (June 1, 2020; July 13, 2020) indicate the matters that are typically addressed in these meetings, especially as they relate to approval and implementation of policies.




1.       Bylaws of the university’s Board of Trustees

2.       Duties, Responsibilities, and Expectations of Members of the Board of Trustees

3.       Faculty Handbook

4.       Employee Handbook/HR Policies

5.      Policies Website

6.       Minutes of Board of Trustees Meetings (November 2018, November 2019)

7.       Minutes of Faculty Senate Meetings (April 2018; August 2019)

8.       Agenda of Cabinet Meetings (June 2020; July 2020)