The governing board defines and addresses potential conflict of interest for its members.




    Compliance     Non-Compliance     Partial Compliance




The Board of Trustees at N.C. A&T maintains the integrity of the educational enterprise by having established institutional policies that effectively manage potential conflicts of interest as Board members carry out their duties (Duties, Responsibilities and Expectations of Members of the Board of Trustees).  Board members are informed of the policies on conflict of interest during their onboarding process, and a conflict of interest statement is read aloud at the start of each regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Trustees. It specifically asks that anyone with a conflict of interest recuses himself/herself from the meeting when matters related to the conflict are being discussed or voted on.


All new Board members must complete the online or face-to-face Conflict of Interest training, complete the Statement of Economic Interest (SEI) form, and be sworn in.  Sample PPT slides from the face-to-face training are provided.  The complete deck includes 128 PowerPoint slides.




1.      The Duties, Responsibilities and Expectations of Members of the Board of Trustees

2.      The Conflict of Interest Statement read at each Board Meeting

3.      Example of a Board minutes when a member recused himself or herself because of a conflict of interest

4.      Statement of Economic Interest (SEI)

5.      Example of Content Covered in Face-to-Face Conflict of Interest Training (PPT Slides)