The chief executive officer has ultimate responsibility for and exercises appropriate control over the institution’s intercollegiate athletics program.



    Compliance     Non-Compliance     Partial Compliance




The Chancellor is actively and directly involved in the administration and oversight of the intercollegiate athletics program, as required by the UNC Policy Manual, Appendix 1, Part XIII, and NCAA Bylaws. Article 2.1.1, and as reflected in programmatic audits and required association assessments.


The Chancellor has delegated administrative oversight of institutional and athletic conference activities relating to intercollegiate athletics to the Director of Intercollegiate Athletics, the Athletic Director (AD), who directly reports to and serves at the will of the Chancellor. The reporting relationship is shown in the Organizational Chart. The AD is a member of the Chancellor’s Cabinet and reports directly to him.  A university policy addresses Chancellor Oversight and Governance for the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics.  Other supportive documents include the 2019 Financial Audit Report submitted to the NCAA and the Minutes of the Athletics Monitoring and Eligibility Committee (May 20, 2020).


The Chancellor also supervises the athletics programs through the Chancellor's Council on Intercollegiate Athletics (CCIA), which is composed of faculty and staff who are charged to provide independent institutional oversight for Athletics (CCIA charge). The CCIA and subcommittees meet ten (10) times each academic year (Example of CCIA minutes).  The Chair of the CCIA has direct and independent access to the Chancellor, and regularly advises the Chancellor on immediate and long-range issues or concerns related to intercollegiate athletics, including planning, compliance, budgeting, scheduling, student-athlete welfare, gender-equity, and other matters of importance to the institution and its athletes.


The Chancellor also supervises Athletics through the Office of Internal Auditing, which reports directly to the Chancellor and the Board of Trustees Risk Management sub-committee, and performs independent annual programmatic audits of the intercollegiate athletics program.


The Athletic Department contracts with an independent accounting firm annually to conduct a financial audit of operating procedures and processes.  The findings from the audits are a part of the CCIA’s annual report to the Chancellor and the Board of Trustees.





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