The institution employs and regularly evaluates administrative and academic officers with appropriate experience and qualifications to lead the institution




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North Carolina A&T State University has qualified, experienced, and competent administrators who effectively lead the institution. As outlined in the UNC Policy Manual, 300.1, senior officers of the university include the Chancellor, Provost, Vice Chancellors, Deans, and the Directors of major administrative, educational, research, and public service activities. Other senior officers of the university are associate and assistant vice chancellors, and associate and assistant deans. The Chancellor is the CEO and administrative head of the University. The UNC Policy ManualóďThe CodeĒ 200.8 defines the formal process of selection and evaluation of the Chancellor. The the process involves public forums, screening by an Executive Search Firm, and interviews by the Board of Trustees and various constituents on campus to ensure the selection of the most competent individual.

The current Chancellor, who was appointed on June 8, 2009, has had a distinguished career as both a professor and university administrator. Prior to his appointment as N.C. A&Tís 12th Chancellor, which followed an open and competitive search, he served as Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs at the University of North Carolina System and prior to that as Chancellor of Winston Salem State University.

Senior administrative and academic officers of the university are in two groups: (i) the Chancellorís Cabinet and (ii) the academic deans.  Both are Tier I employees, with the Cabinet mostly reporting to the Chancellor and all the deans as well as three cabinet members reporting to the Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.  The universityís Tier I organization chart is provided.  All of these officers are highly qualified for the roles they have in the University, as is demonstrated by their position descriptions and their CVs, shown in Table 5.4-i.  All Tier I positions are currently filled with qualified personnel, who have been serving in their positions for more than two years.  The list of the Chancellorís Cabinet members and the deans can be found online and in Chapter III of the Faculty Handbook.


All searches to fill vacant positions are done by broad-based search committees that are trained by the Division of Human Resources and are assisted by a search firm.  The search committees help to ensure that the qualifications of all finalists are well aligned with the position descriptions.  All Tier I employees are annually evaluated.  The Cabinet members are evaluated by the Chancellor, except for the three who are direct reports of the Provostóthe Vice Chancellors for Research and Economic Development, Information Technology, and Student Affairs. All deans are annually evaluated by the Provost.  Annual evaluations are conducted in June.  A standard evaluation form (designated for Tier I employees), designed by the Division of Human Resources, is used in each evaluation.  Two copies of evaluations are shared (Dean, Vice Chancellor)


Table 5.4-i:  Tier I Employees (Vice Chancellors and Deans) with Linked CVs





Chancellorís Cabinet

Dr. Harold Martin

Chancellorís Office


Dr. Beryl McEwen

Provost/Division of Academic Affairs


Ms. Erin Hill Hart

Chief of Staff


Mr. Earl Hilton

Director of Athletics


Ms. Tom Jackson

Vice Chancellor for Information Technology Services


Ms. Melissa Holloway

General Counsel for Legal Affairs


Dr. Melody Pierce

Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs


Mr. Robert Pompey

Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance


Dr. Eric Muth

Vice Chancellor for Research and Economic Development


Mr. Kenneth Sigmon

Vice Chancellor for University Advancement


Ms. Erickia Elbert

Interim Vice Chancellor for Human Resources



Dr. Robin Coger

Dean, College of Engineering


Dr. Abdellah Ahmidouch

Dean, College of Science and Technology


Dr. Kevin James

Dean, Willie A. Deese College of Business and Economics


Dr. Paula Price

Dean, College of Education


Ms. Vicki Coleman

Dean, Library Services


Dr. Sherine Obare

Dean, Joint School of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering


Dr. Frances Ward-Johnson

Dean, College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences


Dr. Lenora Campbell

Dean, College of Health and Human Sciences


Dr. Mohamed Ahmedna

Dean, College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences


Dr. Clay Gloster

Vice Provost for Graduate Research and Dean, The Graduate College


*All deans have very similar job descriptions, so just one is provided.


In terms of qualifications and experience, the Tier I employees average well over 10 years of relevant work experience.  And, more than 50 percent of them hold doctoral degrees.  These include the Chancellor, the Provost and all deans except for the Dean of Library Services.


The ďAt WillĒ clause in each personís contract allows for ineffective performers to be moved out of their leadership positions at the will of the Chancellor or his designee.  An executive leadership development program, in addition to a variety of other more discipline-focused professional development opportunities, help to ensure that all Tier I employees are growing in their roles and are able to serve the university effectively.





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