The institution publishes and implements policies regarding the appointment, employment, and regular evaluation of non-faculty personnel.




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North Carolina A&T State University employs approximately 1,190 non-faculty personnel who are qualified to help maintain the university’s operations and support the accomplishment of its goals and mission.  These employees include managers in each of the divisions, e.g., vice provosts, associate vice chancellors, researchers, directors, and special assistants.  The terms of their employment are outlined in the university’s Employment Policies for EHRA (Exempt from the Human Resources Act) Non-Faculty employees. 


The policy requires that all non-faculty EHRA positions be filled through a competitive hiring process that opens the position to members of the wider community, not just the camps community.  The policy also requires that every appointment to an EHRA non-faculty position be made by the Chancellor or the Chancellor’s designee by means of a letter of appointment (example provided). It also requires that every letter of appointment to a covered position shall include the title of the position, the initial salary, provision for periodic review of compensation, provision for funding contingencies if applicable, the annual leave entitlement of the employee, notice that the employment is either for a stated definite term or is an “employment at will” subject to continuation or discontinuation at the discretion of the Chancellor or his designee; and notice that the employment is subject to these policies as adopted and as they may be periodically revised. A copy of these policies shall be attached to the letter of appointment. The letter of employment also includes the core functions of the job and the reporting structure. The policy also provides information regarding reappointments, discontinuation of employment, evaluation and grievance processes.  The policy is available at the Division Human Resources website, and is easily accessible to all employees and prospective employees.  It is linked above and in the Supporting Documents.


The posting of each position (example provided) includes a description of the qualifications and experience needed for hiring.  The hiring of each EHRA employee is supported by a Search Committee (Example of Charge Letter provided) that is trained by the Division of Human Resources.  The immediate supervisor of each EHRA non-faculty employee is responsible for conducting an annual evaluation (two examples provided—1; 2) of the employee and sharing the outcome with the Division of Human Resources.  The annual performance review form for EHRA Non-Faculty employees is found on the Division of Human Resources website.


Details on appointments, reappointments, discontinuation of employment, and the grievance process are found in the Employment Policy for EHRA Non-Faculty, which is available online   The Employee [EHRA] Handbook is also available to EHRA Non-Faculty employees of N.C A&T. The handbook is available in hardcopy and in e-copy (https://online.anyflip.com/rvsp/mobile/index.html) formats. It should be noted that the handbook cannot alter, modify or change the controlling statutes, regulations or policies in any way, nor can any right accrue because of any inclusion or omission of any statement in this handbook. The most recent information will always be located on the Division of Human Resources website, and the most recent version of this Handbook will be located there: https://www.ncat.edu/about/hr/index.php.  Human Resources policies and procedures are updated periodically to ensure that they are current.




1.      Employment Policies for EHRA Non-Faculty Employees

2.      Letter of Appointment Template

3.      Job Posting

4.      Charge Letter for Search Committee

5.      Annual Evaluation

a.      Blank Instrument

b.      Completed and redacted Sample 1

c.       Completed and redacted Sample 2

6.      EHRA Non-Faculty Performance Review Form

7.      Employee [EHRA] Handbook

8.      Division of Human Resources Website—Landing Page